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How to Connect to an API Using JavaFX

JavaFX api How to Connect to an API Using JavaFX Hey there! Ever wondered how you can add a touch of the internet's charm—like fetching dog images—right into your JavaFX application? Today, we’re going to explore how to connect to an API using JavaFX with a concrete example: The Dog API. Before we dive in, kick back, relax, and maybe grab a cup of coffee. This tutorial is designed to be detailed, informative, and most importantly, fun! We'll get started with building a JavaFX interface and then connect it to a...

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JavaFX SQLite Database CRUD Tutorial | Note Application

JavaFX SQLite Database CRUD Tutorial JavaFX SQLite Database CRUD Tutorial Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been away for some time, and unfortunately, my camera decided to break. So, today we’ll dive into a practical tutorial on connecting a SQLite database to a JavaFX application. This project will be a simple note-taking app with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality. Let's get started! Setting Up the Scene Builder First, let's discuss setting up the GUI using Scene Builder. For our note-taking app, we’ll have: A SplitPane containing:...

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How to Take a Screenshot on PC Using Kenshot: A Full Guide

How to take a screenshot on PC using Kenshot

How to Take a Screenshot on PC using Kenshot Every now and then, we come across information on our computer screens that we would like to save for later reference or to share. Whether it's a snippet of an amusing social media post, a graphically appealing infographic, or a specific kind of information to help us understand better through communication, the simplest way to capture this is by taking a screenshot. But how to take a screenshot on PC that's not just a simple capture but is editable and presentable...

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JavaFX Drag and Drop Tutorial | Perfect For Beginners

JavaFX Drag and Drop

If you are a beginner to JavaFX or an experienced programmer looking to add some drag and drop functionality to your GUI applications, you've landed on the right page. In this tutorial, we will talk about JavaFX drag and drop and specifically, about javafx drag and drop image and if you want to learn more about drag and drop, you can go to this documentation to learn more. Understanding JavaFX JavaFX is a powerful tool used to create and deliver desktop applications, along with rich interactive JavaFX Controls such as...

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JavaFX Music Player Tutorial with JavaFX Media Player

JavaFX Music Player

In the field of software development, creating a cool and user-engaging Music Player application is a popular use case that developers often come across. This tutorial aims to guide you in developing a basic and simple music player using JavaFX platform. Specifically, it is a basic and fundamental tutorial on how to implement JavaFX Music Player with JavaFX Media Player. A Sneak Peek of JavaFX Media Player JavaFX Media Player is a component, specifically class, designed to take care of media playback in a straightforward manner. It can play...

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