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This is an online Java quiz for beginners

If you are learning Java and want to know how good you are, this is the place to go. You can test your Java skills in this Java quiz online. Here, I am providing you with some mutiple choice questions in the Java quiz for beginners. This will help you learn more if you encounter some questions that you don’t know.

Java quiz

The questions are simple to answer, and I’m sure you can complete them all. You must read all of the questions and select the correct answer from the options provided.You can proceed to the next question by clicking the next button and if you are unsure about your previous answer you can go back by clicking the previous button.

java quiz online

The test contains 20 question to answer and there is no certificates will be given after the test. This is just a simple quiz to test your skills in Java. If you wanted to learn more in Java, you may go here. Please proceed below to start the quiz.

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Let's put your Java skills to the test

This will put your Java skills to the test. There are only 20 questions to answer in this Java quiz.